What Are The Different Types Of Commercial Doors?

Commercial doors are as important as any other office infrastructure. A great door will boost security in your office space, add an aesthetic appeal, and keep the cold out.

When choosing a commercial door, you must evaluate how well it will serve your needs. Here are three types of commercial doors that can serve you well.

Wooden Commercial Doors

Wooden office doors comprise lumber, processed mineral particles, and thin veneer. The doors have an aesthetic appeal and are a good option for indoor offices. They have a touch of class and the business aura you need in your commercial space.

If you choose wooden doors for your space, you should maintain them well. Grease the hinges frequently and repaint the doors when the paint starts to wear off. These steps will help preserve their beauty and functionality.

While these doors are great for indoor offices, they are not ideal for outdoor spaces. Wood is hard to maintain and is subject to wear and tear when exposed to the elements.

Metallic Commercial Doors

You can choose between aluminum and steel doors if you prefer metallic doors for your commercial space. Both metals are strong and durable and will offer good service if you maintain them well.

Steel doors are sturdy and offer you high-level security. The doors have components such as metal sheets and steel stiffeners (also called foam insulation). Steel is a heavy, durable metal ideal for outdoor environments. You can use steel doors for your commercial gate or the door at the main entrance of your business premises.

You can also use steel doors for the interior offices. Other than the high-level security feature, steel doors are low maintenance and can last a lifetime. The doors also have a great aesthetic appeal, especially if they match or complement your interior décor.

Aluminum is also a strong metal that will enhance security on your premises. Aluminum doors are great for the interior spaces of a corporate office. The doors are lighter than steel doors but are equally durable and efficient.

Aluminum doors are also more affordable than steel doors and are low maintenance. These two features make aluminum doors very cost-effective.

Glass and Fiberglass Doors

If you want to add a touch of class and aesthetic appeal to your interior office space, you should install glass doors. The doors have a professional ambiance with their see-through feature. Glass doors come with an aluminum frame to hold the hinges because glass is very fragile.

The downside to using glass doors in your office is they don't offer the best security. You can see everything through a glass door, and only a few lock systems fit in commercial glass doors.

You can also install fiberglass doors in your office space, especially if there are high possibilities of scratches, wet climates, and staining. Fiberglass doors comprise plastic and glass fibers. The doors are durable with low maintenance requirements. These features make fiberglass doors cost-effective.

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