Three Reasons Why Iron Doors Are So Cool (And Why You Should Have One!)

Iron doors on homes are as old as the Vikings, perhaps even older yet. They are the impenetrable door that kept enemies and predators at bay. Now, you can buy and install steel doors on your modern home. As strange as that may seem, these doors and the various designs available are really cool to see. If you are not sold on their appearance alone, maybe one of the following reasons will sell you on metal doors instead.

Absolutely No One Can Kick Down a Wrought Iron Door

In the Middle Ages, wrought iron doors and steel doors could only be brought down with steel-headed battering rams hoisted on the shoulders of a dozen (or more) warriors. You take that same kind of door, install it on the front of your house, and do you know what you have? A door that no single person can break down or beat down with a foot! Six police officers would not manage it, and their battering ram would need a little bit of explosive material behind it to make a dent.

Combined with a Complicated Lock, No One Can Break in Either

If you also have a complicated lock system on your iron doors, nobody can break into your house either. A safecracker with really long lock picks would have to park on your front porch for at least ten or more minutes just to jiggle the lock open. By then, someone would surely notice what he/she is doing and call the police.

Custom Metal Doors Make Way for Pets and the Mail

If you really want to take your iron entryway doors a few steps further, have them custom-made. Then you can include things like an electric roll-up doggy door and a mail slot for the deposit of your mail. Your pets will have to learn how to tap the button that gets the door rolling, but eventually they can do this on their own.

The mail delivery person can walk right up and shove your mail through the slot in the door. If you have the mail slot opposite of the location of the doggy door, you can simply put a basket down to catch all the mail that comes through. If you also want to add a peek-a-boo portal that opens (on a hinge bolt) to see who is outside, you can have that added to your iron doors as well.