Tips To Help You Clean, Care For, And Repair Your Patio Cover

A patio cover makes a beneficial addition to your outdoor space by providing shade during the summer and protection during wet weather. It is important to take care of your patio cover so that it can last you many years. Here are three tips to help you accomplish this.

Remove Debris

Through the seasons, your patio cover can become covered in debris from nearby trees due to wind and other weather events. Pine needles, leaves, and other twigs can accumulate on top of your patio cover, so it is recommended to clear its surface several times during the year, as often as every month to clean off build-up. Allowing debris to build up and remain on your patio cover can cause mold and mildew to grow, and it can also cause your cover to become stained and discolored. The fabric can begin to rot as the debris traps moisture onto the cover's surface.

Every few months, safely climb up a ladder to view the surface of your patio cover so you can check it for debris accumulation. Then, use a pressure washer to remove and rinse debris off its surface. Be sure to use a universal, green-colored, 25-degree pressure washer nozzle tip to rinse the debris from your patio cover. This tip will rinse away the debris without damaging the cover or removing any of its protective UV coating.

Wash and Rinse 

If your patio cover has any signs of mold or mildew growth or staining from debris that was left on its surface for too long, you should wash and clean the cover. It is not recommended to use regular bleach to clean mold and mildew from your cover, as this can cause the coloring to fade from it. Instead, you can use a combination of equal parts color-safe bleach and water, or a mildew-remover bathroom cleaning agent. Be sure any cleaning agent you use does not contain any abrasive ingredients. 

First, rinse down the surface of your patio cover using your garden hose or pressure washer. Then, spray the bathroom mildew cleaner or color-safe bleach and water combination over the surface of the cover. By adding the cleaning agent or color-safe bleach mixture to your pressure washer reservoir, you can more easily spray it onto the surface of your patio cover. Allow the mildew cleaner to remain on your patio cover according to its package directions. If you are using color-safe bleach and water, you can begin immediately scrubbing out any stains from the patio cover.

Prop a ladder against your roof or patio cover and use a long-handled scrub brush to safely reach and brush each stain on your patio cover. Use plenty of water as you scrub the stains to help lift them from the cover's material. 

As a final step, use your pressure washer and green-colored 25-degree tip to rinse all the cleaning solutions from the patio cover. Allow the cover to dry thoroughly if you plan to roll up or store the cover away.

Repair Damage

If your patio cover becomes damaged with a tear or a hole, you can repair the damage yourself without having to replace the entire cover. Without the proper cleaning and maintenance, your patio cover is likely to become weathered and suffer damage of this type. 

First, clean the area around the tear or hole with alcohol cleaning pads, on both the top and bottom sides of the patio cover. This removes any dirt or debris that may be coating the patio cover, which can prevent the patch from adhering. Patch over the hole or tear using canopy repair tape, applying it several inches beyond the tear or hole to make the repair stable. You can usually find translucent or colored canopy repair tape at a local home improvement store. 

Use these tips to help care for, clean, and repair your patio cover so it can last as long as possible to provide shade to your backyard. If your patio cover is damaged and needs to be replaced, contact a patio cover installation company for assistance.