The Safest Way To Open A Garage Door With A Broken Spring

The torsion spring is one of the most important parts of a garage door because it holds the weight of the door and makes it possible for people to lift and lower it with ease. A broken spring is actually the top cause of garage door failure. Under ideal circumstances, you should never try to open a garage door with a broken spring because it could cause more damage to the door, or even worse, it can cause serious injury to the person trying to open the door.

But there are many instances where you may need to get that door open, like if you're late for work or you need to drive the kids to school and your car is inside the garage. When you need to get your vehicle or other important items out of the garage, there is a way you can open a garage door with a broken spring. Keep reading to learn how:

Tools You'll Need For This Project

  • 2 6-foot ladders

  • 2 pry bars

  • 2 pairs of vice grips or mole wrenches

  • 1 helper

Step 1:

Standing inside the garage, place one 6-foot ladder on the left side of the garage door, right were it meets the garage wall. Place the other ladder on the right side of the garage door, where it meets the wall.

Step 2:

While you are standing on the left side of the garage door, next to the ladder, have your helper stand on the other side of the garage door. Both of you should be holding a pry bar.

Step 3:

At the same time, you and your helper must insert the pry bar under the corner of the garage door, between the floor and the door. Pull up on the pry bars until there is enough space for you and your helper to grab the bottom of the garage door with your hands.

Step 4:

Using your hands and body weight, both you and your helper must lift the garage door up equally and evenly. Slowly lift the door up until it's fully open.

Step 5:

Now, slide the ladders underneath to help support the open garage door.

Step 6:

With your helper still holding up his side of the door, and the ladders in place for extra support, clamp one pair of vice grips on each side of the track. The vice grips need to be clamped directly below the bottom roller. Mole wrenches will also work if you don't have vice grips. 

Step 7:

Now the garage door is open and it will stay open until you are ready to close it. It's okay for your helper to step away from the door and help you remove items from your garage. If you need your vehicle, now is the time to drive it out of the garage.

Step 8:

Once your vehicle and/or other needed items have been removed from the garage, it's time to close the door. First, ask your helper to help you remove the vice grips from the track. Let the garage door slowly lower until it's resting on the ladders. Then, you and your helper need to get a good grasp on the bottom of the garage door so you can move the ladders out of the way and gently lower the door back down to the floor.

If the door starts to come down fast, don't stick your foot underneath to stop it, or you will be seriously injured. It's best to just let it come down and hit the floor.

As soon as you are able, call for garage door repair so a technician can come and fix the broken springs on your garage door. He or she will be happy to come out and give you an estimate when it's convenient for you.