5 Unexpected Benefits Of Replacing The Windows In Your Home

Most people understand that new windows can provide great benefits such as energy savings and making your home look prettier, but there are some other benefits you may not be aware of and you should read more. When you are considering replacing your old windows with some new ones, keep these five less-commonly-considered benefits in mind.

Noise reduction

New windows could make your home a quieter, more relaxing place to be, especially if you live in a noisy area with a lot of traffic. Most people take these daily sounds for granted, but if you have noisy neighbors who are constantly revving their car engine, or playing their music too loud, new windows could help end the aggravation. 

If your current windows are single-pane windows, opting for double or triple-glazed ones can reduce your noise from the outside by up to 95 percent. If you love your home, but hate the noise from outside, new windows could be the ideal solution.

UV protection

Many newer windows come with a UV resistant coating that blocks harmful UV rays from penetrating into your home and damaging your belongings. Your floor, furniture, and walls are all at risk of sun damage if the window lets in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. The UV rays can fade or crack upholstery, leather, and even your wooden floors, so opt for a window with UV protection built in.

At one time, UV protection meant tinted glass that blocked too much natural light, but now you can get windows made from "spectrally selective" glass that only blocks the rays on the spectrum that are harmful, such as UV rays.

More natural light

Many newer windows have smaller frames and larger panes of glass that allow more light into your home. This is useful if you want to limit your use of electrical lighting in a particular room in order to save money, or if you want to improve the mood and overall well-being of the people living in your home. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) lists natural lighting (sunlight) as one of the Basic Principles of Healthy Housing, so it is extremely important to consider this when choosing new windows for your home.

Easier maintenance

The design of many new windows makes them easier to clean and care for. Today's double hung windows offer features such as panes that tilt inward for easier cleaning and UV-resistant glass for added protection. Vinyl window frames are easy to clean and look good for longer than their traditional wooden counterparts. 

Added safety

Your new windows can keep your home and family safer, thanks to the design of many newer replacement windows. Window locks can be used to keep out burglars, but they can also be used to keep curious children inside. Many double hung windows feature simple locking mechanisms that prevent children from opening the window fully. This can be very important in multi-story homes where children may be tempted to gain access to the roof from their windows. Double hung windows can also be opened from the top, preventing children from reaching the opening at all.

If you have ever seen an older window that is broken, you'll know how sharp and jagged the broken glass can be, making it a serious hazard for anyone nearby when it breaks. New windows use specially designed glass that is impact resistant. It may break if hit with an object or flying debris during bad weather, but it is designed to remain in place, held there by a protective membrane that stops the glass from falling out of the window completely. This can be especially important if you have children or pets who may be tempted to investigate the broken window before you've had a chance to clean up.

Whatever your reason for getting new windows, know that there are numerous benefits, even more than most people realize. These benefits can save you time and money in the long term, and more than make up for any initial cost upon installation.